I've been using several Palm PDAs for the last 10 years,
but I've never been happier ever since I bought my iPhone 3G in July.
Here's my most used apps (mind that I got 6 pages full of them, and I threw away many already).
(Those marked with an * I bought, the rest is/was built-in or free)

First the built-in:

  • Phone: of course
  • Mail: 'synced' with Notes using IMAP
  • Calendar: synced with Notes using CompanionLink
    Actually the app that needs to most improvements!
  • Contacts: also synced with Notes using CompanionLink (see previous post)
  • iPod: lots of music and podcasts
  • Safari: a great little browser
  • Weather: great to quickly see the weather in lots of places
  • Stocks: so I can see my Apple shares going down way to fast
I use the other default apps (Photos, Clock, Maps, YouTube) too, but mostly for showing off.

Now the extras:
  • NetNewsWire: a great companion RSS reader, very useful when synced with NewsGator FeedDemon (which I use on my PC)
  • Stanza: wonderful book reader, with many free (SF) books
  • CSV Touch*: for reading databases (see previous post)
  • AirSharing: I use it for reading/putting (Excel) files from my PC on it
  • GraphCalc: very nice graphing calculator
  • FlyCast: best free radio app
  • Fring: finally Skype on the iPhone, and it works great
  • Evernote: great for sharing data between iPhone and PC

My favorite iPhone Games:
  • Spore*: I finally got past level 29. 30 is hard too !
  • Morocco: good Othello/Reversi implementation, where it's sometimes though to beat the iPhone
  • Aurora Feint: great time waster
  • Vexed: brain teaser
  • Tris: great Tetris clone
  • Solebon*: I'm a sucker for Yukon (a Solitaire/Patience clone), and this one is the best and most playable I used so far (I bought 2 others which sucked).
  • SBS Lite and JirboBreak: 2 very good Break-out apps
  • FireDrop: challinging, and nicely done 'remove-blocks-of-the-same-color' game

What's your favorite, I absolutely should include ?

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