My caricature made last week ! What happens when you are presented 5 white wines and 5 red ones (all covered up) and you need to make an educated guess about country of origin, grape varietal, year, alcohol and price ?
A serious lesson in modesty !

  • What seems like the easiest is the grape, as you should be able to deduct it from seeing/smelling/sipping. I got 3 white ones correct, and only 1 red !
  • The country is much harder as many varietals are used all over the world, and styles are often mimicked.
  • Year is always a guess (I had none of them correct).
  • Alcohol can be experienced in the smell and the taste, but in a good wine it is embedded nicely; so guess-time again.
  • The price-fork should be relatively simple (there were only 4 possibilities), but I managed to be mostly wrong here too !
So for a guy whom is seldom modest (I hate false modesty BTW),
scoring 16 points (out of 50), is rather humiliating :-)
Note that the top score was only 23 !
Thanks Danielle and Wim for putting us back on earth !
I'll have to 'study' harder,
so my score will be better next year (I can hardly do worse !).

PS. I'm turning 48 today.
2 more years to think about how I'm gonna change my life when I turn 50 !
A friend of mine, Paul Van Cotthem, is born on exactly the same day AND year. He had a mathematician calculate the chance of meeting a person, born on the same date as yourself, in your lifetime. The result was 3%. If you added 'and born in the same year', then the chance was extremely small.
Attached the math solution, made by 'Noca' for those interested:

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