A couple of months ago, Evy -a niece of mine- asked me to take their wedding pictures. I (tend to believe I) got a good eye for taking pictures, but I'm just an amateur, with amateur equipment. My biggest concern was the 'responsibility' for such an event: if you miss important shots, you can't do them again ! I read a lot of tips from the experts, and they were helpful, but never easing my mind, as most of them started by stressing the importance of making a 'contract' in case something went wrong :-(

Anyway, Evy and Bjorn got happily married
this Friday the 1st of August, on a bright and shining day.
Everything went smoothly. I took around 800 shots (and threw away about 200).
I created a Pixagogo album with my personal favorites. Here's a few to get an idea.

Image:Wedding PhotographyImage:Wedding Photography
Image:Wedding PhotographyImage:Wedding PhotographyImage:Wedding Photography
Image:Wedding Photography
Evy, Bjorn, enjoy your life together

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