Don't you hate it when you have to tell your Excel users to 'trust' you and enable the macros every time they open one of your files:
Image:Trusted Locations
In Excel 2003 they started with something called 'Trusted Locations'. If you put a file in it, Excel won't harass you, and enables the macros automatically.
To bad it's rather limited. These are the 'fixed' locations from the MS support site:

  • \Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART
  • \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\XLSTART
In 2007 however you can define your own locations !
Go to the Office button (the big round one in the upper-left corner),
and select 'Excel Options'.
Click 'Trust Center' and 'Trust Center Settings'.
There you find the Trusted Locations.
With a checkbox, you can even add network folders to the list.

I certainly made one of my customers happy with it, and more will follow !

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