Around this time of the year I get slapped with invitations for wine tastings. I went to 2 of them yesterday.
replaced half of their selection, and presented a couple of nice new Australian wines (Didgiridoo). Their Chilean (Montgras) and South-African (Bleue Allée and Schoone Gevel) wines luckily remained.
Afterwards I went to the tasting of La Buena Vida, a big importer of (great) Spanish wines. As they exist 10 years, this was the place to be: many winemakers, nice food, and top wine.
I tasted around 50 wines (drank almost nothing !). The overall quality was excellent.
Image:Top Spanish WinesImage:Top Spanish WinesImage:Top Spanish Wines3 of them stood out though:

All three of them are among the top wines in Spain.
I was fortunate and grateful to be able to taste them.
Too bad they far exceed my budget !

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