Image:Please don’t twitter on LinkedIn
Since a couple of weeks twitter has an option to publish tweets directly to LinkedIn.
I don't mind that your LinkedIn status get's updated, as long as it's suited/useful for a business social network that LinkedIn is.
I really don't need to know you are going to arrive in city X within 10 minutes, going to take a bath or finished a nice walk with your dog!
More and more 'connections' seem to do this lately, and it just annoys me.
If I want to follow someone, I'll do so on twitter !

To finish my rant, I want to conclude with a tip for you avid twitterers:
To avoid potentially embarrassing gaffes (and annoy people), just add #in or #li to the business tweets and leave them off your updates about your cat’s latest antics.
Don't agree? Let me know !
Agree ? Write them a little mail to stop doing soo.
Often they might not even be aware.

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