LS08.jpgStrange LS day today. I only went to 1 session, but a good one: Jack Ratcliff showed off the latest release of Ext.nd. Great framework. Still a long way to go, but it's very promising !
I did not intend to do my 7 to 8 appdev upgrade exam, as I hardly have used Notes 8, but I was given a voucher for a free exam, so what the heck, I'll give it a try. I first spend 2 hours in the prep lab 'getting ready'. Very difficult/new topics for me: composite apps, web services,... . Then 75 minutes exam. I needed the have 45 correct answers out of 60 questions (75%). I got ... 73%. Bummer, 1 more good answer and I would have passed. A bit disappointing, but hey, not bad for a Notes 8 newbie.
Later I covered the whole Showcase. Saw some cool stuff, got some nice gadgets, talked to some interesting people.

Texas.jpgTonight I was invited by the Belux (Belgium-Luxembourg) IBM team at an awesome Brazilian restaurant.
Wonderful food, so-so wine from Argentina (OK, but not as good as yesterday), succulent meat, likeable company !
Tx Laurent for the initiative (the first time IBM Belux does this !).

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