LS08.jpgFinal day at LS08.
I'm heading back to Belgium tomorrow.
3 sessions planned for today:

  • Application Development Keynote: Kevin Cavanaugh gave an overview of the development opportunities.
    Starting of with Maureen's Domino Designer 8.5, followed by people presenting Mashup, Websphere Portal, Portal Factory, iWidgets, composite apps within Notes. It left me a bit flabbergasted: way too much opportunities.
    IBM/Lotus has already 'bitten' me a couple of time with new (and great) products, being abandoned after a couple of years: Components, eSuite, Workplace.
    I think I'll keep on doing 'pure ' Notes development for a couple of years, before falling on my face again.
  • Symphony integration with Notes: Ben Langhinrichs did a good job describing what worked and what didn't. I expected more 'practical' examples, and less non-technical do's and don't when doing a presentation !
    I left the session with a mixed feeling.
  • Advanced LotusScript with XML and DXL: Andre Guirard was OK, but looked a bit lost, as Rocky wasn't co-presenting (he was at Gurupalooza). As long as we don't have a round-trip solution to DXL, it remains impractical imho. Andre created and is creating some nice developer tools. See his blog for more info.

My conclusion for this year's Lotusphere:
  • One of the best so far
  • The (blogging) community has never before been so active, and 'lifts' LS to a higher level, by itself
  • Lotus is doing a lot, putting Domino/Notes back in a central role
  • The 'confusion' because of all the development environments get's bigger
I spent part of the afternoon shopping with Martin. Put his blog Bizzybee in your RSS-reader, as he writes some cool stuff.
Finally an early night: 23.00h. It 'll do me good, as the average number of hours sleep was pretty low.

Orlando, cu next year.

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