Image:Getting famous :-)A couple of days after Christmas,
I got a call -out of the blue- from a journalist (I do not know) of a national newspaper 'Het Laatste Nieuws' (=The Latest News). We chatted for 15 minutes about the (non)virtues of sulfites in wine. To my amazement this 'interview' was published a few days later as part of a half page article:
'Never again headache wine'.
Thanks to Wim, who scanned it for me, I could read it too (I hardly ever read a newspaper).
I've attached it for your entertainment:
LaatsteNieuws.jpg (don't bother if you don't understand Dutch)
Of course I'm flattered, but there are some remarks I just need to make:

  • Much of what I 'supposed to have said' is twisted, wrong,  out of context, or 'unsaid'
  • They refer to me as 'wijnkenner' (=wine connoisseur). I never liked this word, as it implies expert knowledge. I'm just a wine-lover, knowing some basic wine stuff.
One line which I did say explicitly is:
"There's only one way to prevent a hangover: Stop drinking when you've had enough"

Sound advice ;-)

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