I'm a big fan of red Spanish wine.
Penedes, Navarra and Ribera del Duero are my preferred DOCs.
One of my all time favorite is from another 'appelation': Toro.
Image:Great Spanish WineThe bodega is called 'Finca Sobreño'.
The grape varietal is called 'Tinta de Toro', and is in fact a 'Tempranillo' clone.

Image:Great Spanish WineImage:Great Spanish Wine
They have a Crianza (7 months in oak barrels)
and a Reserva (14 months).
I recently bought 44 Reservas 1999 during an auction of a wine-reseller that got bankrupt.
Regular price: 20,50 EUR,
which I got for less than half that price: a bargain !!

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