IBM ChampionLet's start by wrapping up a weirdly busy (last) year, since it's been some time this blog was updated (no apologies here, follow me on my blog @theoheselmans, where I got more to say):

  • 2011 was weird in a sense that I was moderately busy work-wise doing projects, but I still having the feeling that the extra free time I got was filled up with a lot of trivia. I did a lot of Excel related development in 2011, and little exciting Lotus stuff.
  • I got involved with the Penumbra group, and am now a full member of this great bunch of top-notch experts! Catch one of us at Lotusphere (#LS12), and you might get invited to Ice Cream Tuesdae.
  • IBM elected 50 (now 63) Collaboration Solutions Champions worldwide. I was honored with this title/award too. Because of this I got invited to the Leadership Alliance Conference (aka LoLa) in Boston. We saw some exiting stuff (under NDA), which we can finally talk about in a few days, as most will be made public at Lotusphere.
  • Another thing that kept me occupied (although not nearly enough), was the beta-testing program for a cool new thing from Teamstudio. I developed my first (still rough) iPad app using it.
  • We had a great holiday in Zakynthos (Greece) and a short one in the Mosel area (Germany).
  • Of course we've had some really great wine tastings too, e.g. about Argentinian Zapata wines. The local wine-twips got together twice, and a third winetwunch is planned for February. Really nice to see twips IRL.
I'm writing this wrap up from Orlando, where I'm enjoying my yearly pilgrimage called Lotusphere.
You'll read more about it in future blogposts.
I might blog more this year, but since our 2-day BLUG event is coming up in March, I'm afraid I'll spent most of my free time preparing for that.

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog
and please do follow me on twitter @theoheselmans

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