Image:Working with Multiple SheetsI had to do a lot of Excel work lately (most of the time I do Notes development, so this is a welcome change).
Some of it involved working with multiple sheets. Did you know, that you can easily jump to a particular sheet by right clicking the 'arrows' at the bottom right.
Very practical when you have lots of sheets.

A customer wanted to make a 'consolidation' sheet with values from a lot of similar sheets (except for the data).
This time the 'INDIRECT' function came in handy.
The INDIRECT function has 2 arguments:

  • A string that looks like a reference
  • True or False, depending on the string being a A1 or a RC type. A1 being the default.
So =INDIRECT("Sheet1!A1") returns the content of A1 on sheet 'Sheet1'.
This allows you to do something like this:
Image:Working with Multiple Sheets
Where Sheet refers to column A (NL and FR being the names of 2 sheets),
and Cell refers to row 1, containing the text of the cell-references we would like.
Very flexible, very fast.

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