Last night, Wim Sas surprised us with a peculiar tasting exercise.
We got 4 wines:

  • a light-bodied white
  • an oaky white Chardonnay
  • a light red Pinot Noir
  • a sturdy oaky Cabernet Sauvignon

Then he asked us to try the wines, before and after having tasted a food-flavor.
He supplied the following: sugar, salt, lemon, umami, salmon, red meat, pepper salami.
It's just incredible what influence these flavors have on our palate !
Some unexpected results:
  • umami softens wine
  • sugar or acid (lemon) kills almost any taste
  • lemon and salt together is terrible, but salmon-lemon-salt is great with oaky wines (both white and red!)
  • red meat pairs well with both oaky red and white !
  • pepper salami kills wine, but the same salami combined with lemon and salt was OK

Anyway, very interesting evening. We certainly learned a lot.
Thanks Wim.

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