Image:Why I cancelled my iPhone 4 orderMy iPhone 3G is about 2,5 years old now. I pre-ordered an iPhone 4 at the end of June (note that they became officially available in Belgium end of July). My Apple dealer needs to 'buy' them from the official carrier (Mobistar), and not from Apple. This means they only get about 5 (yes five) new phones in every week! Apple is really behind in supplying iPhones to Belgium. Every reseller I asked (be it Apple resellers or Mobistar shops) has a backlog of at least 200 units. I'm around nr. 190 of 500 at my Apple Premium Reseller. Hopeless!
I cancelled my order! And NOT because, at this rate, I might get mine at the earliest somewhere next year. No, I cancelled it, because I don't use my iPhone enough any more. I'm pretty happy with my current old 3G!

The main reason is the iPad! A lot of the stuff I used to use my iPhone for, are now handled more gracefully and more satisfying by my iPad:

  • mail handling
  • news and rss reading/watching
  • gaming
  • browsing
  • photo, movie, show and podcast viewing
  • note taking (including wine tastings, meetings,...)
  • stock watching
  • app watching
  • linked in
  • ...
My iPhone is currently only used for:
  • calling
  • calendaring
  • iPod listening (podcasts primarily)
  • picture taking (occasionally)
  • SMS (texting)

So, dear reader, why would I buy an iPhone 4?  

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