SnTT.jpgThere's some tools I can't live without when doing Notes development. Some of them are free, some of them are quite expensive, but the ROI is very high.
Here's what I like:

a) Pure Notes development

  • Image:Notes Development Tools I can’t live without: ScanEZ is an incredible useful tool from Ytria. It allow you to examine almost every aspect of your database, selected document(s), profile docs, notes.ini, replication history and conflicts,.... I really use it a lot, and it saves me heaps of time. Not only can I look at the innards of all of the notes (docs & design elements), but I can change them as well. The guys at Ytria also update their stuff regularly, but they give great support too. Give them a try, as they got a free evaluation period, and a free 'look only' version. They got other interesting utilities too, but their ROI is not nearly enough for me. ScanEZ is not cheap, but worth your while.
  • Image:Notes Development Tools I can’t live without: NotesHound is a tool I recently discovered thanks to a link on the blog of Kevin Pettitt (the Lotus Guru). It's a multipurpose tool that allows you e.g. to update view and form-information (select-formulas, view and form properties, actionbar properties,...), a script sorter !, a general find and replace, and a lot more. Incredible stuff, for a modest price (Ytria has some of these tools too, but way more expensive). Ken, a Swedish-Australian-Englishmen, gives incredible support, and his upcoming version will be a beauty !
  • Edit Document Fields by Chad Schelfhout is a powerful smarticon formula, that allow you to change fields on selected documents. Easy to use, extremely helpful, and free. Use it !

b) Domino/Web development using FireFox

there are some tools you just got to have:
  • Web-Developer Toolbar: Chris Pederick has done a great job. It's really a free web-development tool I use almost daily.
  • Firebug: another wonderful and free tool to inspect design elements and more. Joe Hewitt is a wizard !
  • Many more, but these are the most important

c) Domino/Web development using IE
  • The IE developer toolbar: does most of the stuff the Firefox developer toolbar does (some of them better, most of them a bit less powerful). But a must-have anyway.
  • Debug Bar: Free for personal use, and extremely great tool. Just discovered it, and I'm sure I only figured out the tip of the iceberg.

BTW. I'm NOT sponsered to say all those nice things about them ;-)

Is there a tool you use a lot, and I should add to my repertoire ?
Let me know.

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