LS08.jpgLast week the blogosphere (Notes and Apple) was talking about the supposedly official press leak about IBM announcing native Notes email support on the iPhone. I read (and blogged about) an article from Information Week claiming that 'Databases' would be supported too !
I was almost on my way to an Apple Store to buy my iPhone. Boy, was I thrilled.
Then the announcement: an extra-lite version of DWA for the iPhone. So a lightweight safari based iNotes (keep preferring this name to DWA).
Not that this is a bad thing, kudos to the development team at Lotus, but I (and I'm sure I'm not alone) a let down anyway.
At the Mac-session today, they did announce some great Apple-related news:
- 8.5 beta is downloadable, and will be 'on par' with future Windows releases
- Symphony will be released for Mac
- 8.5 designer coming at a later stage
To bad the developer who presented 8.5 on Mac was so difficult to understand, but his enthusiasm made up for it.

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