LS08.jpgBruce Elgort and Chris Blatnick started of my day with funny examples of bad UIs. Luckily they did have good suggestions for improvement.
Next up was Rocky: a charming show-guy, but his Formula/LotusScript content was very similar to last year's, so not very interesting to me.
Julian Robichaux and Rob MacDonagh had a great presentation about reporting and charting in Notes/Domino. A couple of disappointments:

  • Rob showed how to put view data in Excel, but did it the old-fashioned way: one cell at a time, and complained it was very slow ! He should have read my blog-entry about using arrays to speed this up considerably ;-)
  • Julian talked about bar charts in a view, and mentioned that there had been many blogpost about it, and then showed the boring example from Chris Blatnick. It would have been better (for my ego ;-) had he shown my easy-graphs-revisited post.
Luckily they finished with some great examples on how to do fancy graphs using javascript and flash in Notes and on the web.
I visited most of the labs in between:
  • Developer lab: had a chat with André Guirard about a dialog-bug with custom OK and Cancel buttons not working  correctly (hope he can have it fixed)
  • UI lab: mentioned a UI issue I had, and talked extensively with Dan Gruen, who was doing research and looked for 'user stories'.
  • Innovation Lab: very cool what's been done there. Hope we'll see some of it in future products.
Image:Lotusphere 2008: Day 3The final event: Universal's Islands of Adventure. I rushed to the Dueling Dragons, and managed to sit in the front row: what a thrill. Spiderman in 3D is always great fun. The Hulk coaster is great, but I just prefer the Dragons, primarily because your feet dangling seems to give you a more 'detached from earth' feeling.
Wonderful evening again, but my feet are killing me !

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