Image:Lotus Traveler for iPhone: a breezeThanks to Jan, who's responsible for the 8.5.1 beta program, I was finally able to download this beta release. I've installed it without any problems, and so far it runs smoothly. Haven't done anything with the 8.5.1 client yet; that's for the coming weeks.
But I did install Lotus Traveler. Declan already blogged about it, and I couldn't believe it would be so easy to set up. Read the rest of his blogs to learn more about how to customize it.
After installing the server side (hardly any questions asked), you just need to follow a small setup procedure inside your iPhone.
Again, no issues.
My calendar synced perfectly and stays synced ! I wonder how you can set it to fetch older (e.g. 180 days) entries too.
I did switch off the mail syncing, because I prefer to do this via IMAP, and don't want/need push. I just want my mail refreshed when I open it. IMAP also syncs my folder-content if I go into one of them.
The iPhone contacts sync with the contacts (hidden) inside your mail file. You can easily get to them by going to the actions menu:
Lotus iNotes/Open Mail file copy of Contacts.
My only issue is: when are they updated/synced with your local Address book. I have no idea (yet), but I'm sure you are going to tell me ;-)
What I did discover is that there is a hidden agent called '(Synchronize Address Book)', which effectively syncs both contact lists.
I just added a small agent to my Actions menu, running the same code, so I can initiate the sync when I want.
I'm a happy Notes/iPhone user !

IBM Lotus Notes/Domino and Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.1 is prerelease software and there are no guarantees from IBM that the functionality presented will be in the final shipping product.

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