Image:iPhone synching with Notes on Windows: it works !Yep, got my officially unlocked white 16Gb iPhone :-)
Rather expensive at 615 EUR, but no special tariff/plan needed.
After playing with the basics, and some free apps, it was time to tackle the main issue: My Notes calendar and contacts in sync!
I read Benjamin Stein's and Paul Mooney's blog entry, but both talk about using Mac OS.

Looking at Paul's suggestion for CompanionLink, it noticed they had a solution for Notes-iPhone too. One little drawback: you need to have Outlook (it does not work with Outlook Express) installed, but you don't have to use it. I downloaded the 14 day trial version (the full version is $49.95), and it works like a charm !
What it seems to be doing is synching between Notes (v. 4.5 to 8.0 !), and Outlook, and then transparently from Outlook to iPhone, via iTunes. All very seamless, and in both directions !!
Remember, it's synching, no push ! I do my mail via IMAP.
I'm just a happy iPhoner now ! When IBM get's its solution out, it can only get better.
Now, if I only had a week-view in the iPhone Calendar ;-)

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