Image:Excel Macro Function Help file for Windows 7I do a lot of MS Excel development lately (whether or not in combination with Notes), and I do most of the coding using the 'old' macro language instead of VBA.
Why? Simply because I'm more proficient in it. I do use VBA in Excel occasionally, but always turn back to macros.
As the macro language contains a lot of functions, I always relied on the xlmacr8.hlp file (which you can find on the Microsoft support pages).
Vista already had a problem, not supporting 'old' .hlp file. There is a solution for Vista: winhlp32.exe.
I've been using Windows 7 (RC1) for over a week now, and really enjoying it (running on my MacBook Pro no less). Problem is, Windows 7 no longer supports .hlp files.
I've been googling a lot to find an alternative, to no avail.
So I decided to convert the old .hlp into a .chm (compiled HTML).
I found just the thing, using HelpScribble from JGsoft (I've bought their superb text-editor 'EditPad Pro' software years ago, and still use it daily).
I don't know if I'm breaking any laws here, but I've decompiled the current help file, converted it using HelpScribble, which compiled the HTML using a tool from Microsoft: HTML Help workshop.
The final file works fine (only links on a help pages don't work, but that's a minor nuisance). After downloading you might have to 'unblock' it in the file's properties.
Let me know if you use it.
Here's the xlmacr8.chm file: XLMACR8.chm

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