SnTT.jpgIn his recent blog entry at Interface Matters, Chris Blatnick talked about a way of creating Graphs in a view using colored columns. It's a nice idea, but a bit cumbersome to develop.
It reminded me of a 'hack' I found way back. You can use icons in a view column ever since version 3, but as of version 5, I discovered that you could use shared images too. Instead of using the number in a 'Show as Icon' column, you could enter the name of the image as a string, and it would show it ! As of version 6 it's documented.
Here's what you have to do: Create bars of different length in your favorite drawing application. You'll find my bar-set attached (Bar0.gif...Bar10.gif). Add them to your shared images.
Use or create a view with a icon column. Here's my example:

Image:Easy graphs in a View
Just easy to do, nice bars, and background colors, even for alternate rows show through.

[Updated] I woke up this morning thinking there's a lot more you can do, by being a little bit more creative:

Image:Easy graphs in a View
The 3 extra bar-sets are included in the attachment too.

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