Image:Kudos to all ’LUG’ organizers10 days from now we're having our BLUG event (March 30th).
Ever since Lotusphere, we've been busy organizing. This is the first time I'm involved heavily myself. Luckily I'm not doing this alone.
Thanks Stijn, thanks Laurent.
I never expected this to be so intense. My 'free' time is almost nonexistent. I'm sure it's going to be rewarding, but at the moment I only see my to-do list shrinking and growing again.

I've been to several Lotus User Group events in the past years: ILUG, UKLUG, NLLUG, and I really start to appreciate the amount of time people like Warren, Kitty, Paul, Eileen, Bill, Steve, Matt, Marnix, Martin, and many others I forgot (or not even aware of) are putting into these events. We, mere mortals, just take it for granted.
I'm not looking for personal praise here;

I just want to thank all of you, worldwide, who are doing this tremendous, vital work for the Lotus community.

As for our event, we're almost filled to capacity, so if you liked to be present: Hurry.
It's free, but Registration for the Event is required.

Hope to see you there too!

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