As I was heading to Bordeaux to help with the harvest at Château Goubau, I stopped in Paris, to visit the Apple Expo. I took the TGV (high speed train) and arrived around 10.00h. Three (3) hours later I left ! Boy, was I disappointed. OK, I saw the latest iPods, thousands of iPod accessories, Apple's latest iLife, and even a glimpse of the upcoming MS Office 2008 for Mac.
I remember the days we went to MacWorld in Boston, every year in August. It took us almost 3 days, and we had to scramble to see everything. Apple's presence is improving again, but they're nowhere compared to 15 years ago (measured by the size of the conferences). Of course their product line is incredible, their stock is sky high and their market penetration is overwhelming, but it's not the same Apple as it was back then. You did not hear me complain: I love Apple (again), and I'm a happy MacBook Pro user.
Vista is running smoothly on it ;-)

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