December 2008

Wine and food: not an easy pairing !

Posted by Theo Heselmans on December 31st, 2008

Last night, Wim Sas surprised us with a peculiar tasting exercise. We got 4 wines: a light-bodied white an oaky white Chardonnay a light red Pinot Noir a sturdy oaky Cabernet Sauvignon Then he a

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Before the deadline: Spotlight Award 2009

Posted by Theo Heselmans on December 20th, 2008

After listening to The Taking Notes Podcast about the Teamstudio Spotlight Award 2009, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to give it a try, and submit an entry myself. Due to a serious system overload

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Lagrein: unknown, but excellent

Posted by Theo Heselmans on December 9th, 2008

Every year I prepare a wine-tasting. As I'm a member of 2 wine-clubs, I only need to make sure I get 2 bottles of each wine, and I can do the same presentation twice. It's though sometimes to find an

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